Airmeith's Journey
Ai r m e i t h  M a s s a g e  &   O i l s
Ai r m e i t h  M a s s a g e  &   O i l s
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Airmeith's Journey

Can't find an Appointment online?

by Candace Berry on 01/25/16

Please email us dates and times that work best for you if you are not finding the appointment times you need. We are looking to expand our available days and hours, but would like to make sure they will be helpful to you! Also, please be considerate of those that can only come in during evening and weekend hours... if you can come on a weekday before 4 or 5, please do so! Thank you again!

Book online here:

Teenager drained of energy?

by Candace Berry on 01/04/16

A few weeks ago my 15 year old started coming home and napping everyday after school. She'd wake up to barely eat dinner, do bare minimum homework and put herself back to bed. In this day and age, the first thing I thought of was depression, school drama or hormone issues. After discussing her symptoms with her and she said she felt happy just tired, I felt it must be nutrition. She eats like a mouse. LOL

Then I remembered she used to take doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality Pack and hadn't for about a month. I only take half the dose (2 of all 3 in the morning and none at night), so I felt that would be plenty for her as well. I expected it to help but take a while. 
Boy was I shocked! She came home buzzing! She said she not only felt like her hyper self again, she hadn't gotten tired after lunch like she usually does. So now, we never miss our vitamins. (I had the same problem before the vitamins and had the exact same reaction - so whatever she and I are naturally missing - doTERRA's vitamins fix it immediately.) It is our personal miracle. :-)

I'll host another doTERRA class soon, but in the meantime - feel free to contact me for a one on one class about how to get YOUR energy back and recover from the holidays.

Stacie is adding days...

by Candace Berry on 12/10/15

If you think you missed your chance to save with Stacie this month... check the calendar for new spots!! She'll be adding days regularly. Keep an eye on your email Sunday for your January deal, it will go on sale in time for holiday gifts! Clients have already emailed me phrases like "I feel like jelly, she's amazing!" "Wow, she's a keeper! I feel great!"  Don't miss out!

Half off to try Stacie this December!

by Candace Berry on 11/27/15

Come meet Stacie Carter this December. I am so excited to introduce you to Airmeith's new massage therapist Stacie Carter! Stacie will be working on Tuesdays and Saturdays (adding more days ASAP) and will be charging HALF on all massages ALL of December! She's already almost fully booked, so grab the last few spots now! The holiday season can be very hectic, come take advantage of this relaxing savings. 

New Therapist Coming Soon....

by Candace Berry on 11/15/15

I can't wait to introduce you to Airmeith's newmassage therapist! She will be adding a couple days at a time starting in December! You'll love her once you try her... and she'll add days once you're convinced and want to come back for more! Keep an eye out for more information and discounted rates to get to know her... As soon as all is confirmed, I'll update the site!

(We'll miss you Annie, but know you're loving your new home in Oregon!)

&   O i l s

Frequently Asked Questions
How do you choose a therapist to meet your individual needs?

First. Trust your instincts, and check your local massage board to confirm they are certified to practice in your state. 
All therapists must post their LMBT # - this is the easiest way to search for them. 
To search: NC Massage Board Online Verification 
(To verify Candace & Sean, their legal names are: Christopher Sean Stogner and Candace Wisham Berry Arnold)

Second. Massage therapists have different natural abilities and training. Therefore, choose one that specializes in the type of 
massage therapy that will work best with why you are seeking therapeutic massage. 

What massage types do you offer?

Swedish - This is the most common type of massage people seek. Again, there are many interpretations, but basically it is a fully body relaxing massage.  Swedish gives the therapist the opportunity to work on specific areas of stress (ie. shoulders, lower back, neck) as needed while including the whole body to energize all internal systems in a relaxing way.  This type of massage is flexible enough to meet the needs of most people as the pressure and focus is easily modified. Great if you have issues with: overall aches, stress, tension, anxiety, restless sleep, insomnia, soreness, constipation, headaches, and much more... 

Sports Massage - A sports massage is a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue, but also incorporates stretching.  Always let the therapist know what sports, activities or even hobbies you enjoy from cycling to team sports to knitting - each activity has its own sore spots the therapist can focus on.  The massage varies greatly from person to person, but every person is different and deserves their own massage. 

Deep Tissue - The common misconception about Deep Tissue is that it is a full body massage with harder pressure. In Deep Tissue massage, a therapist typically works on one or two very specific muscle groups only, using long deep strokes covering each individual muscle in that muscle group. This therapy is very useful for athletes, as they often have common areas that need detailed attention. This is an intense and focused massage that can be a little painful but is very successful in treating specific overworked or tight areas. If you are seeking a full body massage with harder pressure, simply ask your Swedish massage therapist for more pressure.

Myofascial Release Therapy  - Myofascial uses deep, sustained pressure to gently release areas of bound connective tissue. Tight and painful muscles are slowly stretched, allowing the effects of injuries, scar tissue, aging, and over-used or atrophied muscles to finally relax and begin to heal. Over a series of sessions, this will speed the healing process, creating comfort, improved range-of-motion, and pain-relief throughout the entire system. This method is usually combined with Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Deep Swedish Massage.

Heat Therapy - Heat is an excellent way to increase the circulation and relax the muscles allowing for a deeper massage with less pain. We  use heated damp towels and rice packs to help naturally relax and lengthen muscle tissue to help prepare for deeper work. You may also choose a poultice or stone massage as an upgrade, from more information; click here.

Find a therapist that fits your needs, budget, and most of all your instincts. We have hours of experience in each of these modalities and would love to earn your loyalty. 

Finally. Many therapists practice out of their home, or are willing to come to yours. Although a licensed therapist has to have a background check before receiving their license, please be careful about going to someone's home or having them come to yours. Any professional therapist will understand if you ask to meet them prior to your first session, or bring a friend! 
What do I wear for my massage session?

During the massage, a clean sheet and blanket will cover you. We only uncover the area that is being worked on. Some clients prefer to keep their underpants on or will wear a swimsuit or shorts, most regular massage clients are nude or in underpants. All private parts are always covered and never touched. We will always maintain and respect the client's boundaries. The most important thing is that you feel completely comfortable and relaxed.

What should I do during a massage?

Make yourself comfortable. Many people just close their eyes and relax completely during the session; others prefer to talk. We are never offended if you talked last time and prefer to be quiet this time, we just want you to feel pampered and healed. It's your massage, and whatever feels natural for you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time. If we need to adjust your position, we will either move you (for instance lift your arm) or we will tell you what is needed. Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable. We ask that you not move your sheet or blanket without asking as you may accidentally uncover yourself more than allowed. Please let us know if you are too warm or too cold.

What if I fall asleep?

It is common for many clients to fall asleep on the table during a massage. The warmth and release of tension relaxes them right to sleep - especially after a long day at work.

How long is a session?

The biggest difference with Airmeith is this: when you come for an hour massage with us, your time on the table will be at least an hour. Many therapist use a "therapeutic hour" which means 50 minutes on the table and 5 minutes on each end of the appointment for you to discuss issues, get dressed and undressed.
We believe if you are paying for a 60 minute massage, you should get a 60 minute massage, not a 60 minute appointment.

An hour is a common length of time. This gives time for a deeply relaxing full body massage, or more in-depth work on a particular area.  An hour and a half is usually enough time to address the whole body while also giving you time to either relax or have more specific work done on a problem area while still covering the rest of the body.

What should I expect afterward?

When the massage is over, I will leave the room so that you can get dressed in privacy. Massage and bodywork can be extremely relaxing, affecting all your body's systems so be sure to give yourself a several minutes to re-orient yourself before slowly getting up.

After a session, most people feel extremely relaxed. Many experience freedom from aches and pains that have built up over weeks and months of tension or repetitive activity. After an initial period of feeling slowed down, clients often experience an increase in energy that can last for several days.  Drink plenty of water to ensure the healing we started with your session can continue afterwards.

What If I’m Uncomfortable During My Massage?

Often people are embarrassed to speak up if there is something they don’t like about the massage. We always appreciate your requests and feedback. While we may be the experts on massage, you are the expert on you, and it is your massage.

From the volume of the music to the angle of your face rest, everything is adjustable. All of our tables are equipped with heating pads. Your therapist will never be offended if you make a request to turn up the heat, add a blanket, or adjust the table, pressure or music during your session. 

Please always feel free to chat or just relax. We know that this preference may change every appointment and we will follow your lead.

If I've seen Candace and want to try Sean, is that OK?

Absolutely! Candace and Sean have two very different styles and skill sets. You may find it beneficial to alternate regularly or once in a while. We are never offended if you'd like to try a different style. We want you happy and healed.

What if I am late?

If you are late to your session you are welcome to receive whatever time is left in your appointment, but the full cost of the time you booked will be charged at the end of the session.  Due to our schedule we may be unable to extend your session beyond your original appointment time. While we try not to be late, if we are, we give you the full time or we will charge you less.

What forms of payment do you accept?

​ We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Airmeith Gift Cards

How much does it cost?
Candace Berry
Candace specializes in relaxing and/or deep swedish massage. As needed, she will incorporate stretching and detailed deep work on areas of pain or concern while also ensuring you get to relax and breathe.
  Click here for more detailed information

Custom Massage with Medicinal Lotion
 60 minutes............. $ 60
 90 minutes............. $ 90
120 minutes............$ 120

Thai Poultice Massages: 
Click here for more details...
Full Body....120min....$165
Compare at $185 elsewhere.
Shoulder/Neck/Facelift...75min...$120    Compare at $140 elsewhere.
Excellent for relieving sinus congestion and pain from excessive computer use while reducing facial 'puffiness'

Candace does NOT offer Pregnancy, or Hot Stone Massage
Sean Stogner
Sean has extensive knowledge of sport, stress, and work related injuries. His combination of myofascial, deep massage, and active release stretching will leave you feeling great with increased range of motion after one massage without the soreness you'd expect from deep work. Click here for more detailed information

Custom Massage with Medicinal Lotion
 60 minutes............. $ 60
 90 minutes............. $ 90

Specialty Massages:

Pregnancy Massage:
60 minutes..........$60

Hot Stone:
60 Hot Stone Massage....... $90
90 Hot Stone Massage....... $120

Sean does NOT offer Thai Poultice or 120 minute massage.
Irish Legend "Airmeith"
120 minute   
Thai Hot Indigo Poultice Massage
This is a full body massage where my hands and the steamed poultice (tied ball of anti-inflammatory herbs) are used throughout the entire massage. Every sore area will be massaged by hand and then by the steamed poultice taking your massage and muscle relief to a much deeper level.

The healing equivalent of 
at least THREE  60 minute massages.

And you will take the poultice home with you
to use anytime!

Filled with pure remedial ingredients, Indigo Herbal compresses were traditionally used by the Hmong Shamans to treat muscle aches & pains. In the USA, Indigo grows wild & was used by the Native Americans for detoxification & healing. Once the top traded commodity in Louisiana & South Carolina, Indigo has rich history & of high importance in the New World. Indigo Leaf and Yaa Nang from tropical forest ease muscle tension while cinnamon and camphor stimulate blood circulation. Indigo, the color of Buddha of Medicine, leaves the body soothed & relaxed.
(Organic Thai Poultices and information provided by Beauty Secrets)
Indigo Poultice
75 minute   Thai Shoulder & Up Hot Poultice Massage

The Shoulder and Up Poultice combines a muscle relieving & detoxifying blend of Lemongrass, Bergamot, Ginger and Camphor to ease tension & stress along the back, shoulders, neck, face & crown where stress manifests most.  It’s the perfect remedy for alleviating the perils of sitting at a desk, heavy lifting or travel by clearing the sinuses from the stagnant air of confined spaces, lengthening the spine, easing shoulder & neck pain and opening up energy centers that are compressed and compacted by prolonged sitting.
The facial portion of this lovely massage instantly reduce puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and provides an overall lift & contour of the delicate eye area.  It makes you look and feel as if you have a nap.
And you will take the poultice home with you to use anytime!
(Organic Thai Poultices and information provided by Beauty Secrets)
 Irish Herbal Healing Goddess - Airmeith