Airmeith's Journey
Ai r m e i t h  M a s s a g e  &   O i l s
Ai r m e i t h  M a s s a g e  &   O i l s
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Airmeith's Journey

Can't find an Appointment online?

by Candace Berry on 01/25/16

Please email us dates and times that work best for you if you are not finding the appointment times you need. We are looking to expand our available days and hours, but would like to make sure they will be helpful to you! Also, please be considerate of those that can only come in during evening and weekend hours... if you can come on a weekday before 4 or 5, please do so! Thank you again!

Book online here:

Teenager drained of energy?

by Candace Berry on 01/04/16

A few weeks ago my 15 year old started coming home and napping everyday after school. She'd wake up to barely eat dinner, do bare minimum homework and put herself back to bed. In this day and age, the first thing I thought of was depression, school drama or hormone issues. After discussing her symptoms with her and she said she felt happy just tired, I felt it must be nutrition. She eats like a mouse. LOL

Then I remembered she used to take doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality Pack and hadn't for about a month. I only take half the dose (2 of all 3 in the morning and none at night), so I felt that would be plenty for her as well. I expected it to help but take a while. 
Boy was I shocked! She came home buzzing! She said she not only felt like her hyper self again, she hadn't gotten tired after lunch like she usually does. So now, we never miss our vitamins. (I had the same problem before the vitamins and had the exact same reaction - so whatever she and I are naturally missing - doTERRA's vitamins fix it immediately.) It is our personal miracle. :-)

I'll host another doTERRA class soon, but in the meantime - feel free to contact me for a one on one class about how to get YOUR energy back and recover from the holidays.

Stacie is adding days...

by Candace Berry on 12/10/15

If you think you missed your chance to save with Stacie this month... check the calendar for new spots!! She'll be adding days regularly. Keep an eye on your email Sunday for your January deal, it will go on sale in time for holiday gifts! Clients have already emailed me phrases like "I feel like jelly, she's amazing!" "Wow, she's a keeper! I feel great!"  Don't miss out!

Half off to try Stacie this December!

by Candace Berry on 11/27/15

Come meet Stacie Carter this December. I am so excited to introduce you to Airmeith's new massage therapist Stacie Carter! Stacie will be working on Tuesdays and Saturdays (adding more days ASAP) and will be charging HALF on all massages ALL of December! She's already almost fully booked, so grab the last few spots now! The holiday season can be very hectic, come take advantage of this relaxing savings. 

New Therapist Coming Soon....

by Candace Berry on 11/15/15

I can't wait to introduce you to Airmeith's newmassage therapist! She will be adding a couple days at a time starting in December! You'll love her once you try her... and she'll add days once you're convinced and want to come back for more! Keep an eye out for more information and discounted rates to get to know her... As soon as all is confirmed, I'll update the site!

(We'll miss you Annie, but know you're loving your new home in Oregon!)

&   O i l s
I built Airmeith with the hopes of creating the best experience for the best price.

I combined what I loved and avoided what I didn't in other spas, gyms and yoga classes to create a relaxed, quiet environment of organic healing.

I chose a quiet office complex near downtown Apex, sought out the purest lotions/oils and the softest linens for massage, warmest colors for a calming yoga space and grew from there. 

I decided I would never up-charge for what I believe to be the fundamentals of a therapeutic massage... pure healing essential oils, warm towels, a heated table, heat pads for extra stubborn muscles, and, as always, your full 60, 90 or 120 minutes ON the table. 

And I've recently hired new therapist with the highest qualifications. This massage / yoga studio is our second home, and I hope you feel the same after your first visit.

~Candace Berry, Owner

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Company Mission and Approach to Healing

Always Organic~
We believe our bodies were made to use, recognize and best respond to what was given to us naturally in the earth. Therefore, we only use organic lotion and essential oils for therapy. We use a combination of oils each visit to best suit your needs. Some affect the body through the skin (relaxing the muscles) and others aromatically (through inhalation).

A Whole Body Approach~
If you come for a deep tissue back and neck massage, we will spend 85% of our time there and the additional 15% on head, arms, hands, legs and feet. This ensures we have worked on your initial problem, but have ALSO checked the rest of the body to make sure there are no contributing factors elsewhere in the body adding to the back pain. This also helps to kickstart your circulation and immune system.