Ai r m e i t h  M a s s a g e  &   O i l s
Ai r m e i t h  M a s s a g e  &   O i l s
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Product reviews heard from actual clients..

"I've been using doTERRA Frankincense on my cyst for just 2 days and its already half the size!" - K.S.

"Candace cleared my sinuses during our massage with the Breathe blend from doTERRA. I ordered it after our session and can't wait for mine to arrive!" A.K.

"I can't believe my son bought me massage gift cards for Christmas - best gift ever!" L.W.

"Love my Airmeith Citrus Cleanser, leaves my living room smelling great - even with the dogs!" S.B.

"Everyone in my office seems to be passing around the flu... not me! I've been using the doTERRA OnGuard for the past few weeks and it works!" - C. L. 

"I've stopped stressing over gifts anymore! I just get everyone a gift card from Airmeith. I have a reputation now as the best gift giver in the family! LOL"  T.H

"The rumors about the super cooties that's been going around has me and my fellow teachers freaked out! My son and I have been using a spray Candace taught us to make with a few drops of Peppermint, Melaleuca and Lavender and so far so good! I've had students and he's had friends that caught lice, but we're still nit free!" K.S.
For those who serve and save...  
Military, Police, Fireman & Nurses
$10 off every appointment.
Please bring ID to first appointment.
60 FULL minutes 
ON the table!

Organic Medicinal Oils / Aromatherapy Included!

Heat Therapy 
(as needed) Included!
First time guests ~ $ 10 OFF any Massage