her own hours in hopes that she could be there for all those moments that go by so quickly. She graduated from Central Carolina Community College, a small school in Lillington, NC where she enjoyed the benefits of one on one instruction.

She began practicing massage in 2011 and specializes in Swedish, deep tissue and lymphatic massage. With compassion, careful listening and the ability to read the body, she uses a blend of a variety of techniques to help reduce stress and tension, encourage relaxation, and aid the body in naturally healing itself. 

She is  licensed by the state of North Carolina and insured by MMIP.

Ai r m e i t h  M a s s a g e  &   O i l s
Ai r m e i t h  M a s s a g e  &   O i l s
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&   O i l s
Essential Oils. In our family, allergies, burns, fevers, cold, flu and many other ailments are all handled with the safe use of these powerful oils. I now teach classes and one-on-one sessions so that others can learn to allow their bodies and their families bodies to quickly heal themselves with the aid of oils clinically proven to aid the body in all ways naturally.

The preventative and holistic approach of massage as a way to encourage our bodies to simply do what they were created to do and heal themselves with the use of these powerful oils, appeals to me. 

After over 9,000 hours of hands on work and practice, I have created my own combination of these modalities to make it easy to customize each massage. The human body is too diverse to use the same routine or methods for each person. The common  theme in my therapy is an intuitive whole body approach.

I was trained in Russian Medical, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and many additional forms of massage therapy from the NC board certified school, American & European Massage Clinic in Raleigh.  I am licensed by the state of North Carolina and insured by ABMP. 

 I have always found joy in helping others, but it took me a few years, the birth of my now teenage daughter and life experiences to find my way to massage
therapy. While studying massage I discovered the healing powers of Certified Therapeutic
Candace Berry, LMBT 09813

 Stacie is a North Carolina native with a passion for alternative remedies and is dedicated to living an all natural lifestyle.  

Having her daughter inspired her to reach for a career where she could help others while making 
Stacie Carter, LMBT 11196
multiple reasons led me to be a massage therapist.
​I have a special bond with Prenatal Massage also based on my own experiences with bodywork during my two back to back pregnancies (while performing bodywork up to the last month with both!) Most importantly, I am here to listen to my clients and work with them to find out what is truly needed for them to walk away feeling refreshed, grounded and in less pain. I also provide Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, and Sports Massage. I prefer to combine these modalities based on the needs of the client use a hot or cold stone, hot towel, and aromatherapy options. 
I spend my days outside of massage being a mother to a very busy two year old girl and an equally busy one year old little boy. My husband and I are both Triangle natives and love being able to raise our children in the communities we grew up in.  
I am licensed in the state of North Carolina and insured through ABMP.

I have always had a strong desire to help others starting when I was just a child always ready to offer a hug or a smile to a friend in need.  The fact I have always believed in the power of touch and have benefited from bodywork therapy multiple times for
Barbara Heyel, LMBT 12519