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Ai r m e i t h  M a s s a g e  &   O i l s
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Stacie is adding days...

by Candace Berry on 12/10/15

If you think you missed your chance to save with Stacie this month... check the calendar for new spots!! She'll be adding days regularly. Keep an eye on your email Sunday for your January deal, it will go on sale in time for holiday gifts! Clients have already emailed me phrases like "I feel like jelly, she's amazing!" "Wow, she's a keeper! I feel great!"  Don't miss out!

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&   O i l s
Airmeith is your affordable, 
organic chance to relax, escape the sounds & stress of the world, for an hour or two... and give your body the chance to breathe deep,
 and begin to heal itself.
Why Airmeith?
Massage: Time Booked = Time on Table
When you book a 6O minute appointment,
you will receive a 6O minute MASSAGE!
(Most therapist give you a 6O minute appointment, but only 45-50 minutes on the table.) 

Tailored Massages
Every Massage style is tailored 
to meet each client - each visit.

Organic Healing Oils
Every Massage uses organic oils  
to fit your current need.


Helping Your Body Heal Itself
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