Teenager drained of energy? : Airmeith's Journey
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Teenager drained of energy?

by Candace Berry on 01/04/16

A few weeks ago my 15 year old started coming home and napping everyday after school. She'd wake up to barely eat dinner, do bare minimum homework and put herself back to bed. In this day and age, the first thing I thought of was depression, school drama or hormone issues. After discussing her symptoms with her and she said she felt happy just tired, I felt it must be nutrition. She eats like a mouse. LOL

Then I remembered she used to take doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality Pack and hadn't for about a month. I only take half the dose (2 of all 3 in the morning and none at night), so I felt that would be plenty for her as well. I expected it to help but take a while. 
Boy was I shocked! She came home buzzing! She said she not only felt like her hyper self again, she hadn't gotten tired after lunch like she usually does. So now, we never miss our vitamins. (I had the same problem before the vitamins and had the exact same reaction - so whatever she and I are naturally missing - doTERRA's vitamins fix it immediately.) It is our personal miracle. :-)

I'll host another doTERRA class soon, but in the meantime - feel free to contact me for a one on one class about how to get YOUR energy back and recover from the holidays.

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