Airmeith's Journey
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Airmeith's Journey

Why does stress make me dumb?

by Candace Berry on 04/02/15

With so many of us going through drastic career changes, children shifting into new stages of life and some of us even going back to school.... how do we clear our minds and sleep or focus? Why, with so many more things for us to organize  - are our minds unable to think clearly? The answer is not overload.

Have you ever noticed, the more stressed you are the more scatter brained or even "dumb" you feel? Actually, there is a clear scientific reason for this. When we are stressed, our bodies can not tell the difference between traffic or test stress and our original stresses from thousands of years ago where we were surprised by a bear in the woods! Our body jumps right into fight or flight. The difference now is in traffic, we can't flight (if only) and generally we don't get into fist fights to survive the traffic. However, our physical body still prepares for this dramatic expression  of energy by shutting down the frontal (or thinking part of the brain) to conserve all our energy for our basic instinct systems. We can fight and we can flight but we can't think - our body is too busy trying to "run from the bear" while we sit fidgeting in our car to allow us to focus.

Breathing exercises and actual exercise are great for getting through the current situation and flushing out some of those extra adrenaline hormones we've built up over the day, but let's face it - that isn't always enough.

Many of my clients and I have found GREAT relief using a powerful combination of doTERRA's Balance and Serenity Blends. We combine these two oils evenly, take three deep breaths allowing the molecules to go straight to our stressed brains (through our olfactory nerve in our noses) and then placing some oil either on the bottom of our feet, pulse points or back of our necks (to get the oils into our blood stream). One particular client went from failing her exams on subjects she felt she had mastered but stressed so much over exams she couldn't think - to acing every one after using the oil. Seriously, from Ds and Fs to As! 

I now use this blend on every client that will let me just before a massage. So many have commented they are surprised how quickly their minds seem to get quiet and allow them to enjoy their massage. I prefer to start with exercise and natural answers first and when I need a boost, I love that I now have a natural next step in these oils. They've changed my life and the lives of my clients - so I can't help but share. 

Enjoying the lovely weather!

by Candace Berry on 08/26/14

What amazing weather we've been having! We've spent so much more time outdoors lately which means we're hanging with the bugs and the hint of those fall sneezes are already sneaking back in. 

Here are a couple quick stories...My daughter's friend was amazed on their recent back yard camping trip - neither of them got bit once using the doTERRA Terrashield oil. I put about 40 drops in a 4 ounce spray bottle of water and they sprayed their skin, clothes and even the entry way to the tent. She says it worked perfectly! But then, they played "chicken fighting" in the pool (where a pair of kids sit on another pair's shoulders try to knock each other off into the pool - let's just say it's been a few decades since I did this!!)  Anyway, she came home pretty sore. A little rest, massage and Deep Blue Rub worked like a charm.
And lastly, I haven't needed the TriEase allergy blend since Spring but couldn't stop sneezing yesterday! Took a TriEase this morning, no more itchy eyes and sneezing. Instant. Love doTerra!

Allergy BOMB!!!

by Candace Berry on 04/14/14

That's funny?!? I thought I bought a black car, but now its YELLOW! Ugh. I've been hearing about how last season so many people were using doTERRA oils for ALLERGIES!!! I've had these all my life!! I can't take pharma antihistamines because they make my lungs tighten. 

Which oils? - Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint (2 drops of each) in an empty gel cap (cause who wants to put swallow lavender oil and taste flowers all day), once in the morning is usually enough but you can add another does on a bad day. I was looking forward to trying it. I found filling the caps in the morning to be a little bit of a pain - I'm a morning rusher, not an early rising lounger in the mornings. But I kept doing it because I felt great! But NOW I don't have to! They came out with TriEase, pre-made capsules with the 3 oils in them already! This also made it easier for me to send these with Savannah to her Dad's house. She loves them too and loves how tiny they are! Anyway, another reason to love doTERRA - allergy meds that work with NO bad side effects, and several extra health benefits that Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint already offer! Win Win!!


by Candace Berry on 03/01/14

How do we empower our children? We love, support and educate them - right? Well, of course. But how do we take it a step further in this modern world that teaches us we need a doctor to heal us, a teacher to teach us and someone else to love us? The more I've used these doTERRA oils on my daughter and myself with clear and amazing results, the less "crazy oil lady" she looks at me and more "wow mom, this is cool" looks I get. And with a teenage daughter, I'll take my cool points where I can get them!!! But then an even more powerful moment happened in our family when she said, "Mom, can I have my own set of oils and you teach me to use them?" Through use and sharing, my 13 year old daughter discovered SHE can learn to allow her body to heal itself. She doesn't need me, a doctor, or a pill for a simple ear ache, cold, to relax or even to focus better at school - she's empowered to enhance her body's awesome ability to fix itself. Now, how to teach a teenage girl, she doesn't need a boyfriend til she graduates college... mmmmmm? Wish there was an oil for that!!!   Speaking of empowering....wild tangent alert.... - Empowering our children and having a healer in every home - now THAT will radically impact our healthcare dilemma...back to empowering... 

Oil Giveaway

by Candace Berry on 02/04/14

I was sharing with one lady in a testimonial sharing group how every time I hear someone has a health issue I want to give them my oil - and I feel badly that I can't just give it all away! She reminded me the oils only seem expensive because people forget they never expire and a dose is a drop, so they can be used over and over for so many things. I told her I needed a good example of them being less - she said easy... "Ear ache... 2 drops of Melalueca, 3 times a day, for 2 days = 96 CENTS! What's your copay?" She had me there!

&   O i l s
Airmeith is your affordable, 
organic chance to relax, escape the sounds & stress of the world, for an hour or two... and give your body the chance to breathe deep,
 and begin to heal itself.
Why Airmeith?
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When you book a 6O minute appointment,
you will receive a 6O minute MASSAGE!
(Most therapist give you a 6O minute appointment, but only 45-50 minutes on the table.) 

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