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Ai r m e i t h  M a s s a g e  &   O i l s
Ai r m e i t h  M a s s a g e  &   O i l s
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&   O i l s
Airmeith is your affordable, 
organic chance to relax, escape the sounds & stress of the world, for an hour or two... and give your body the chance to breathe deep,
 and begin to heal itself.
Why Airmeith?
Massage: Time Booked = Time on Table
When you book a 6O minute appointment,
you will receive a 6O minute MASSAGE!
(Most therapist give you a 6O minute appointment, but only 45-50 minutes on the table.) 

Yoga: Avoid Injury with One on One Focus
Perfect setting to work on  YOUR goals and
areas of interest.

Yoga Therapy: Heal Your Mind & Body Naturally
A holistic discipline that focuses
on the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Tailored Massages
Every Massage style is tailored 
to meet each client - each visit.

Yoga: For All Levels 
Deepen your practice, gain confidence 
and get your personal questions answered.

Organic Healing Oils
Every Massage uses organic lotion 
your current need.


Helping Your Body Heal Itself
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Now offering YOGA!!
Yoga Therapy and One-on-One Classes