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Frequently Asked Questions

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Gift Cards:

Massage Types?

Rebooking and Cancels

Gift cards
dont want email gc
how buy gc

Gift Cards:

Can I stop by your office to buy a gift card?

No. We do not have a receptionist, and our therapists are only there when in session. So, our door is always locked for the safety of our therapists and to avoid massage interuptions.

What if I don't want to email the gift card?

You can purchase the gift card online, but put your email in both email areas. This way, you will get two emails, your receipt and the gift card. Print out the gift card and give it to them however you wish. They will use the 16-digit code printed on the gift card email to check out at the register after their massage.

How do I buy a gift card?

Click here. Choose the picture at the top that you want to show on their email. Select the amount (or enter in a custom one). TO: Enter your name and email to get your receipt. From: Enter their legal name (not a nickname) and the email for where you want the gift card sent. You can send it now, or schedule a date. (It will be auto-emailed at 12:01 am the day you choose.) You can add a personal message if you like, and purchase! 

How do I know how much to buy the gift card for?

Our gift cards work like any other card. They can use the amount until it runs out for massages or products in our small retail area. (except packages) Most people purchase a gift card for more than the massage cost as tipping is common for massage. Click here to see -our pricing list if you like, but honestly, they'll be grateful for any amount towards their massage. It is ok to buy a $50 card and allow them to cover the rest. 

Do you accept MassageBook or SpaBooker Gift Cards?

No. We only accept our own gift cards purchased through our / square link.

What if I lose my card?

Sometimes we can find the gift card by name, but it doesn't always work. To be safe, whether you have a physical GC you bought before or after your own massage or an e-gift card, take a picture of the 16 digit code and save it in your phone. All we need is that 16 digit code. 

If you've lost yours, email us the date and time it was bought and the amount to best help us find it. (We can only search by name at checkout and that doesn't always work, so just like at Target - you really need to have it in hand.)

How do I know how much is left on my gift card?

Click here and enter your 16 digit code. 

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Massage Types:

which fo 1st timer

This is my first massage, what do you recommend?

Be sure to book our first-time option so that you get your $10 off. Many take advantage of the discount and choose a longer massage. Our therapists are going to customize your massage based on your pain areas or if you just want to relax, so you only need to choose the time on the table you want.

We recommend booking a custom massage first. (Unless you are pregnant! Then you MUST be at least 12 weeks along and choose prenatal. Not all therapists do prenatal.)

A 60 min massage generally has time to thoroughly work on one pain area and depending on the issue, may leave some time for relaxation. 

A 75 min allows for a more complex issue to be covered and more time for a bit of relaxation.

A 90 min allows for work in more than one pain area and or much more relaxation time. 

Do not book a 45 min TMJ thinking we will convert it to a 45 minute custom. This massage is an intra-oral massage for severe jaw pain. 

How do I make sure I get a therapist that does deep tissue?

All out therapist will work as deep as your muscles need to address your pain issue.

Please note: There is a huge misconception in massage that deep tissue means more pressure and the only way to deal with big pain. Deep tissue means to work the deeper layers of muscle, not press harder. We may find that it's your top layer of muscle that is the problem and more pressure doesn't not always mean more relief. 

deep tissue

What areas of the body are covered?

Our therapists can work from your scalp to your feet avoiding breasts, genitals. Abdominal work is generally reserved for constipation relief and by request only. You can ALWAYS ask the therapist to avoid any part of your body without any need for explanation. Your body, your rules, period! We are NEVER offended if you ask us to lighten pressure or avoid an area. We respect that every body is different. 

areas covered

Do  you offer pre-natal massages?

Yes, but. You must be at least 12 weeks and you MUST book a prenatal massage to ensure you get a therapist that is trained in this. You will be side-lying with a pillow to hug for comfort. Our training does not advise longer than 60 minutes which is why longer pre-natals are not offered. And no, we do not charge extra - you're growing a human and paying enough for it! 

happy endings

Do you offer "happy endings"?

No. This is illegal in North Carolina, but even in states where this is legal, you should know that a Licensed Massage Therapists is a healthcare worker, not a sex-worker. Your genitals will remain covered and will never be touched by your therapist. In the event your body has an unwanted biological response from falling asleep or being relaxed, you aren't to take care of it either. We understand it occurs, will ignore it, and expect you to as well. Asking for a happy ending, "asian massage", or any other euphemism for sexual contact of any nature, will end your massage and get you banned from ever returning. If you refuse to leave or place your hands on the therapist - the police will be called and sexual assault charges will be filed.

What should I expect during the massage?

Do I take off all my clothes?

After the therapist talks to you in the room about your areas of pain, or if you just want to relax, or a combination of both; they will tell you whether to start face up or face down with your face in the cradle and leave the room. Then, you will undress to the level of your comfort, then get on the table underneath the sheet and blanket. While all levels of dress are acceptable, typically people leave on only their underpants or go nude. Either way breasts and ALL genitals will remain covered by the sheet and blanket at all times. 

area to avoid

What if I have an area I don't want touched, like my feet?

Totally fine, just let us know prior to the massage. Because we provide the full 60 minutes on the table, we often save at least a few minutes for feet or scalp relaxation. So, don't wait until we mess up your hair, to let us know you wish we hadn't. If you forgot, or find an area uncomfortable once we begin working on it, it is your job to speak up. No, you aren't being difficult and no, we don't mind. It's YOUR body! Everyone is different and we pride ourselves in customizing the massage to each person that walks through the door, but we aren't mind readers. PLEASE help us treat your body the way you want it to be treated.

hot stone requests

I see you use essential oils and heat therapies - can I request certain oils or ask that hot stones be used throughout?

We do not charge extra for aromatherapy oils on your pillow or essential used on your skin. You can choose from those we have available. Ask your therapist for details and recommendations. 

While we generally use some form of heat therapy -as needed - during your massage, but we do not use hot stones for the full body. We ask that you understand, we believe we should use all the tools at our disposal to help you feel better without up-charging you like the other spas, but that does mean this is at our discretion to help you - not replicate another spa's expensive or gimmicky procedures. 

first timer booking
walk ins

Scheduling / Walk-ins

MassageBook says I'm a first time visitor and must call you to book.

There is a way around this MassageBook glitch we can't opt out of. If you access MasssageBook through our website, it will not block you. Click here to make it work. 

Do you accept walk-ins or will you come to my home?

No, we do not have a receptionist and our therapists are only here when they have or are preparing for booked clients. For this reason, we also keep the inside doors locked until 5 minutes before each appointment. We also only work in our Apex office and do not visit client homes. Please email for in-home recommendations, but please note: even though the company we recommend is not affiliated with Airmeith - we are very protective of fellow therapists. An "in home massage" is NOT code for illegal activities such as sexual contact of any kind. Any company we recommend will provide the same legal massage you would receive in a professional office. And the therapist has the right to refuse service and leave for any reason. 

Where do I go to schedule or get on your waitlist?

Click here: Be sure to go ALL the way to the end of the process! If you did not immediately receive a confirmation email, you did not complete the process and do not have an appointment. 

As far as a waitlist, just shoot us a text. 919.636.8346. Please be as specific as possible. (Type of massage, length and when you tend to be available. Same-days are highly unlikely, but when we do have them, usually people have canceled that morning, so asking after noon for the same day will be virtually impossible. 

Online booking shows nothing available this week, am I doing it wrong?

You've done nothing wrong, we just don't have anything available. We usually book a week or more in advance. When you see an opening the same week, it was likely booked before and someone had to cancel it. If you're trying to book a 75 or 90, perhaps try a 60 to see if a shorter option is available, if you'd like to get in ASAP.

Should I arrive early?

There is no reason to arrive early. You will have a medical intake emailed to you prior to your appointment. Please complete this asap so the therapist can let you know if it may not be safe to book, or you need to choose a different massage. The door will be locked until 5 minutes before your appointment. This allows the therapist to have their breaks, and time to clean as well as not rush the appointment before you. Also, while there is a chair at the bottom of the stairs, there is no heating or air in the entryway. So, if you do arrive early, we advise waiting in your car until a couple minutes before. 

How do I book for someone else?

To be honest, we'd rather you buy them a gift card and allow them to book themselves. Our highest rate of last-minute cancels are from people booking for others. If you are booking for someone else, you MUST put their name on the appointment. If it is a surprise, you can put your email and phone, temporarily, for the confirmation email/texts. However, ALL clients must complete a medical intake form before coming in to ensure they know what to expect and don't have any contraindications that would cause us to need to cancel.

Please make a note in the booking that this is a surprise. We will text you to get their email and phone so that we can correct their file. We will wait for the morning of to change the information and send them their confirmation and medical intake form. If it isn't a surprise, please put their information (name, email and cell) on the booking as they're the ones that need the reminders and the intake form. 

If you are booking for someone who is not comfortable with computers, or English is not their first language, please let us know this, but still put their name so out therapist knows who is coming in. We'll contact you about getting their information. 

Can I take my wife's appointment if she can't make it to avoid being charged a last- minute cancel fee?

Yes, BUT, you must let us know in advance! Please do not just show up. We need to enter your name, email and phone into our system and send you a medical intake form. And, we need time to review it before you come in. While other therapists are in session, our therapist is unlocking the door expecting a female and seeing a male, they'll assume you're in the wrong place. If you do show up, the time it takes to get you in the system and complete your form, will be taken from your massage time. We understand many think "it's just a massage", but we are medically responsible for you while you are here and there are some medical ailments where massage is not recommended. 

where schedule
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arrive early
book for others
take other's massage

Rebooking and Cancels

charged for rebook
move time today

Why am I being charged for a same day cancel if I plan to rebook this week?

The therapists have a limited number of massages they can complete per week because of the physically difficult nature of the work. To ensure their livelihood, we work hard to keep all those precious spots filled. Filling another spot this week, doesn't replace the one we now have no time to fill for them today. Most places charge you the whole amount. We accept things happen so to be as fair as possible, we will forfeit the profit and the chance to get another client in by only charging half to at least cover the therapists pay.

Something came up, can I move my appointment to a different time today?

You may text to see if we happen to have any last minute cancels we haven't been able to fill, but this will be HIGHLY unlikely. We know there are larger places that expect their therapists to be at work, even if they have no appointments (and will therefore not be making any money) in the hopes of a last-minute booking for the company. However, we respect our therapists time and don't expect them to be at work without pay any more than we assume you'd want to be. So, we give them a 6 hour warning before same-day bookings and they go home when they are done for the day or not booked. 

I have a fever, why am I still being charged for canceling within 24 hours?

Believe me, I get it. And I know as a small family-owned spa, it seems we'd be more flexible and understanding which I think we are by charging half. But as small place we don't have the huge clientele and memberships of people not using them to cover costs like the large places that still charge you full price.

    And to be perfectly candid, while we know you're telling the truth, if we made an exception for everyone that was sick - everyone would just say they were sick to not get charged. No one cancels their massage for no reason. Everyone from the dentist to other massage places, generally auto-charge you the full amount, while we only charge half. We also invoice you, so while you can't return until the invoice is paid, we give you the right to make that decision. We are a small studio that works hard to make sure their therapists can make a living and pay their bills with the time they've given us to fill. Since they are paid per massage, if you cancel that morning, we don't have time to fill the spot. However, on occasion, we are able to fill the spot and don't charge you. (Another thing the other places aren't courteous enough to do.) We're trying to be as fair as possible, but we need to make a living. 

sick charge

Products Used?


I have skin allergies, what products do you use during massage?

We only use Organic Jojoba oil for your massage. We do have doTerra essential oils available and use them without charging you extra, but we can of course skip these. We can also place them near your face cradle so you can benefit from the aromatherapy without contacting your skin. Sometimes, we use a hypoallergenic, fragrance- free lotion for your feet, so please still tell us about any allergies you may have. 

sell oils?

Do you sell massage oils?

While we do have doTerra essential oil products available, as well as the heat rice packs we use during your massage, available for purchase during your scheduled visit, we do not rely on our small retail space for income or try to sell them to you. Our therapists make no commission off the things you buy either. Nor do we have it open for retail only visits. However, we are happy to help with your essential oil needs or questions. Please email the owner with any questions. is also a great resource.

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